Instant Domination on Instagram: Here’s how


Last year, I attended the 1st Student Media Congress in the Philippines. This year, I decided to apply for the central committee of the next Student Media Congress on July 2014. Luckily, I was accepted under the Publicity Committee. Basically, I have to publicize the Student Media Congress. One of the specific ways to publicize the event that was assigned to me is to write feature articles that would be released every Friday. It’s called #FeatureFriday.

Below is my first article.

Instant Domination on Instagram: Here’s How

In 2010, a smartphone app took the virtual world by storm. Not only did it present a new way to use and abuse a feature on the smartphone (i.e., the camera) which set it apart from previous subpar cellphones, but it also presented exclusivity as well as convenience for its users. And, as we’ve previously learned with other older social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, these were things we all discovered easily clicked and resonated with any group of people regardless of generation gaps. Shortly after, it proved to be a customary app for smartphone users everywhere as it challenged their creativity.

It’s hard out there on Instagram. And with every new photo that shows up on your feed, you feel your profile’s self-esteem shrink and wither away. After all, it’s an app that relies heavily on likes and followers. No worries. Read on and learn the ways,little cricket.

1. Quality over Quantity.

Just because an app implies instantaneousness in its name, that doesn’t mean you were granted the right to be another added spammer to the universe. Spammers will always be annoying, and that is a truth universally known. This might sound like a no-brainer, but there is great truth to it: recondition your mindset to uploading photos that are appealing. It’s a visual type of app, so don’t wonder why people can’t forgive you for awful shots.

2. Do not post too much selfies.

Yes, it is your profile.Yes, it’s got your name on it. Shouldn’t that be enough, though? Is it really necessary to post that photo of your face when you’ve done it several other times on different times of the same day? You’re allowed to take selfies, but people would also like to know what else goes on in your day. Bible.

3. Use other applications to enhance your photos more.

Things are more appreciated if they look like you put a little effort into them. There are several other photo editing applications that will give you a hand apart from the overused Instagram borders and filters. Change it up, and get better at it.Admittedly, it’s an art form that people still need to grasp.

4. The use of hashtags.

If you’re on Instagram a lot, you’ll know the use of the hashtag straight away. But to spell it out plain and simple, it allows you that margin to have other people view your posts even when they don’t follow you yet. Don’t limit your photos to viewers who follow you. The Instagram community is huge. Go explore and be explored.Which leads us to….

5. Connect it with other Social Media Accounts.

Apart from the hashtag revolution, Instagram includes a feature that allows you to link your social media accounts so that your posts can be shared. Show your friends on other social media sites yours Instagram posts. You could gain a new follower, and even invite another into the community. It’s always a win-win.

At the end of the day,everyone is still free to post what they want on Instagram. It’s an application that can help us express ourselves and is another avenue to share with each other the things that we do and like, making the world smaller and less daunting. It’s apps like these that should make us realize that communication has changed over a span of a few years. How we choose to approach this–whether to use it to fulfil narcissistic needs, or to contribute to a developing art form– is a decision that sits with us.

Again, do not forget to register to the next Student Media Congress on July 2014. Like it on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram for updates!



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