Sosyal Social: Using Social Media to Address Social Concerns

One of my classes last term was Special Topics and our final project was to plan and implement an event. After weeks of planning, our group came up with a seminar entitled “Sosyal Social: Using Social Media to Address Social Issues.” It happened last August 30, 2013 at De La Salle University-Science and Technology Complex Milagros R. Del Rosario Auditorium. We invited Ms. Mae “Juana Change” Paner as our guest speaker for the said seminar.


Just a little background, Ms. Mae “Juana Change” Paner can be easily known in the Boysen TV Commercial before where she was the fat woman being painted.  The name “Juana Change” was used as a pun for “wanna change” or “wala ng change”.  This character is mainly for the establishment of change in the Philippine government and to encourage Filipinos to build up their consciousness when it comes to the subject of politics. Juana Change is a project which sharply satires the Philippine government. She advocates justice, good governance and freedom through spoofs and aims to achieve change for the betterment of the society. Juana Change is portrayed in different personas including a fortune-telling Sto. Niño, a government fixer who is in great fear of God and an OFW on a plane seated next to another domestic helper who suspiciously looks a lot like Jose Rizal. 2

At the start of her talk, she mentioned why Juana Change was created and she narrated her career story. She said that she did not come from a rich family, she was fatter and her skin was not “makinis” back then. Her mom would always find ways to find food for their family. She tried to enter PETA Theater and luckily she was accepted. After PETA, Mae decided to enter advertising and she said that she earned a lot (around 10-30k/day) in that field. She was able to help her family. A time came when she realized that her siblings are becoming dependent on her so she decided to stop giving them money. When she did that, one of her brothers told her “P****ngina mo!” She did not give in because she believes in tough love where in you need  to sacrifice something for the improvement of your loved ones.  She said “Loving is not always about giving sometimes it means holding back.”4

Next thing she mentioned was “Ang gusto natin baguhin kaya nating banggain”. When she started Juana Change, she was fatter. Juana Change judges the wrong doings of the government but one time, some people told her to improve herself also. That’s why aside from health reasons, she tried to lose weight and she was successful.5

Mae Paner said that Social Media  is a mean to communicate to your friends from far away, tool that can be used for business advertising and a weapon for peaceful protests and change.

She also said this line:

You cannot just click, like or talk about it in the internet but you also have something to do in the ground.

Meaning, as long as we share something on Facebook, retweet something on Twitter especially when it comes to National and Political Issues, we should also know the entire issue/problem and make a real life action/solution to it.

She also mentioned the time when she was sent to Malacanang because of the video she made which involves PNOY.

We also had an open forum were some people from the audience asked her, One of the questions was about the Cybercrime Law. Her answer was like people should know about the law and how would it protect them. Another question was if someone sued her and she just said “Aba wala, daganan ko sila eh” with laughter.


L: Ms. Juana Change with Ms. Cielo R: Ms. Juana Change with one of the active girls from the audience.

She also encouraged young people to join organizations for nation building because she believes in the power of the youth.

Meet our team for this event:

L-R: Jumbell, Elisha, Ms. Cielo, Ms. Juana Change, Me, Vina, Ian and Nicole.

L-R: Jumbell, Elisha, Ms. Cielo, Ms. Juana Change, Me, Vina, Ian and Nicole.

Ms. Mae Paner really gave a wonderful talk. DLSU-STC is hoping to have her again some time.

You cannot just click, like or talk about it in the internet but you also have something to do in the ground. -Mae Paner (@JuanaChange).

Forgive me for another lengthy post. Thank you so much. Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Sosyal Social: Using Social Media to Address Social Concerns

  1. Hey there… I’m the girl with Ms. Mae in the above picture… Thank you for including our picture… Yeah you’re awesome also your pictures (I’m a photojournalist, can you teach me some of the techniques)… I just wanted to ask if you also have other pictures of the seminar… Thanks… My dad wanna see those…

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