1st Student Media Congress: Exploring Media Breakthroughs

As a communication major, it is a big deal for me to attend the 1st Student Media Congress held at De La Salle University (DLSU) last July 26-27, 2013. It was organized by DLSU Student Media Office in partnership with DLSU Culture and Arts Office and De La Salle-College of St.Benilde (CSB) Student Publications Office. The event involved workshops and talks on the different potentials of media. Big names from the fields of broadcasting, print and digital media were invited to impart knowledge on various topics. There were also sponsor presentations with interactive games and prizes. There were competing and non-competing workshops which I will be talking more about below. The awarding ceremony also served as an acquaintance party for all the organizers and participants of the said congress.


So here’s my entire experience:

Months before the event

I submitted my application form when the deadline was extended. Together with some of my co-delegates, we paid the registration fee 2-3 days before the deadline of payment. I experienced a problem because it was stated in my receipt that I paid for DLSU Application. Meaning, the money I paid won’t go directly to Student Media Congress funds but I fortunately, I was able to solve and enter the event.

Day 1

The registration started at 6:00 am and we arrived around 8:00 am. There were many participants from different regions and universities of the Philippines. We registered and they gave us our congress kit. We entered Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium before 9:00 am and it is where most of the talks happened for Day 1.


The program started with the introduction of hosts, opening remarks by Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC, audio-visual presentation and a dance number by La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) Street.

Blog4 Blog5Blog2

While the first speaker was being introduced, I was like “OMG! Siya na talaga!” and she is no other than Ms. Maria Ressa, the current CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler. She talked about the topic “Exploring Media Breakthroughs,” the big reach of social media in transmitting news just like Rappler. Blog6

The next one was a sponsor presentation by Globe Telecom’s Mr. Glenn Ong, the head of their social media communication. He endorsed Globe Community, a site that’s uniquely designed for both Globe and non-Globe subscribers to exchange questions, opinions and suggestions about Globe-related concerns, service-usage tips, and other topics about our products and services. Know more about it by clicking hereBlog7

Followed by Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Senior Editor, Mr. John Nery. He talked about the topic “Redefining reading: Taking print to the next level” where it is all about the convergence of traditional print and online platform in transmitting news. Blog8

Mr. Jaemark Tordecilla, Managing Editor of InterAKSYON.com followed after Mr. Nery’s talk. His topic was about managing online community and motivating people to take action.


For the first day, the lunch free and it was great. We also got free coupons from Jamba Juice. We were about to register for Day 2 seminars but then we lacked time so we just went back to Teresa Yuchengo Auditorium for the next speakers.

Before the next speaker was introduced, there was an ice breaker where various participants received good prizes.Blog16

Mr. Val Victa, AVP for Ads and Promos of Manila Broadcasting Company was introduced afterwards. He started by saying that he was busy not just because of work but also in supporting her daughter, Deb Victa. His daughter happens to be one of the early finalists of The Voice Philippines. Deb chose Bamboo as her mentor and Mr. Val Victa even told the audience that he asked Bamboo if he can perform at the congress. The audience were like “OMG OMG” and they kept on shouting but then Mr. Val Victa said: “Unfortunately, he is not available” and there was sad vibe in the auditorium. Haha! Mr. Val Victa then started his talk about the topic “For your ears only: Radio today and tomorrow.” Obviously, it is about the continuing power of the radio industry. He proved that radio is still strong even with the strong emergence of online media. Blog15

Next one was ABS-CBN Marketing Head for CRM, Mr. Nandy Villar. He talked about “Watching outside the box: Going beyond television. It is all about the TV industry, particularly about the movement of ratings in ABS-CBN.19

Before the summation of Day 1, we had a coffee break. We took the opportunity to go down and register ourselves for 2nd day workshops. The lines were really long and the slots are limited. I joined the competing workshop on Feature Writing and signed up for 2 non-competing workshops, Ms. Juana Change’s Social Media and Politics and Mr Ted Failon’s News Commentary. Unfortunately, because of the long lines of registration, we were not able to go back to the auditorium for the summation of Day 1.

Afterwards, we went to a coffee shop to relax while waiting for our ride going home.

Day 2

We arrived a bit earlier for our first non-competing workshop which is Ms. Juana Change’s Social Media and Politics. She showed one of her videos and it was about the army. Afterwards, she asked the entire audience to form groups of 10 and make a skit on a particular issue in our country. However, because there was a lack in time, all groups were not able to present but it was really a great workshop. It made us more critical, creative and we met other students from different universities. The next workshop was also in the same venue and it was Mr.Ted Failon’s News Commentary. He is really inspiring especially to those who want to enter the Broadcasting Industry.Blog17Blog18

I also signed up for one competing workshop which is Feature Writing. Our speaker was Mr. Mark Madrona, instructor at Technological Institute of the Philippines. He thought as about the basics of Feature Writing and how to make it effective. After his talk, we were given about an hour to create a feature story about ourselves in the third person point of view. Unfortunately, I did not win but as usual, it’s an experience and there’s always next time.

After all the activities for that day, we took some rest before the acquaintance party of the said congress which is entitled Unveil. We prepped up and went to PICC to party!Blog20Blog21

It was really a great and fulfilling experience! Looking forward for the next Student Media Congress!

Forgive my lengthy post but I hope you read it! Take Care!


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