Laidback Blue

The last time I think I blogged was June and I wasn’t able to update for a couple of weeks because I had so many things to do such as in school. I think there are days that I do really wear blog-worthy clothes but the problem is that, it’s either I didn’t bring my camera or I did, but I don’t have someone to take my photos.

However, I’m getting to know my personal style which is easy and laidback. It doesn’t mean that when you’re style is laidback, you’re not stylish. It’s just that you have to pick the right pieces and colors to stand out even in a simple outfit.

Here’s what I wore yesterday in school:


Denim Shirt from Sm Department Store. Shorts from Oxygen. Shoes from Mario D Boro
Blog2I will never get tired of wearing this kind of outfit. It’s comfortable and at the same time, stylish. It never gets old.

Blog3Bracelet was from a friend. Watch from Swatch.

Hype it on by clicking the photo below:

LookbookI hope you like it. Will really strive my best to update my blog weekly. Take Care! God Bless!

*Credits to Diolo Parducho for the photos.


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