Simple Details

At De La Salle University-Science and Technology Complex, we have  “Corporate Wednesdays.” Remember one of my corporate outfit posts? You can check it here. Well, this academic year, we have a more specific rule about it. We are just allowed to wear Plain White Longsleeves, Black Slacks and Black/Brown leather shoes. Who said it’s boring? Well actually no because you can wear the longsleeves with simple details that will make your simple look, better. Here’s one of my recent corporate attires: Blog5 Blog6 Look at the simple details of my long sleeves. It makes my plain top more interesting. That’s what you can do to add spice to your simple outfits, make sure there’s something different into it. Blog7Those shoes are actually from my father. It was his wedding shoes. I admire it because it’s still alive even though it was bought many years ago.

White Longsleeves from Penshoppe, Slacks from Wharton, Shoes from Dad’s Closet. 

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LOOK2I hope you like it. Take Care! God Bless!


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