Mother’s Day 2013

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to the one who gives light in our family or ilaw ng tahanan, Mama Beth! We Love You So Much!

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, I and my sister prepared a simple video and breakfast for our beloved Mama Beth. We went to Victory Alabang afterwards and had lunch at Sizzling Pepper Steak at Chef’s Avenue in Festival Mall, Alabang.


Here are some of the food that we ordered:

1. Sailor’s Special- This is a combination of fried potato fries, calamari and fish. It is really cripy and delicious especially when you dip it with its special sauce.


2. Beef Pepper Rice: My sister really enjoyed it and she keeps on telling “ang sarap talaga” and when I tasted it, it was really good. It looks raw in the photo because it was taken before it was mixed.


3. Pork Pepper Rice- This was for mom and unfortunately, I was not able to taste it but it looks yummy!


4. Peppered Chicken Steak: This was for Papa and again, I was not able to taste it but it looks delicious especially when Papa mixed it with its sauce.


5. Mushroom Gravy Hamburg: This was for me and  I enjoyed it because the Beef Burger Patty was really soft and juicy. It was superb especially when mixed with the mushroom sauce.


I was not able to take photos of our Eggdrop Soup and Creamy Corn Soup but they were savory.  To know more about The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, click here. We will definitely go back there soon!

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We really enjoyed our Mother’s Day Celebration this year and looking forward to more years of celebrating it.

We Thank God for giving us the greatest blessing ever, our Mama. We Love You Mama!

PS: Happy Mother’s Day too to all moms out there!


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