Early Summer 2013 (Photo Diary)

Last April 29, 2013, we went to Stilts Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas City. It was kina different because we usually stay at home during Good Fridays. However, the essence of Good Friday will forever stay in our hearts.

Stilts Beach Resort is such a good place to relax and have fun with your family and friends. Here are the photos that I took:

SummerBlog1SummerBlog2SummerBlog3SummerBlog5SummerBlog4SummerBlog6 SummerBlog7SummerBlog13SummerBlog14SummerBlog9SummerBlog8SummerBlog10SummerBlog12SummerBlog17SummerBlog18SummerBlog19SummerBlog15SummerBlog16SummerBlog21SummerBlog22SummerBlog19 SummerBlog23 SummerBlog24 SummerBlog25SummerBlog14SummerBlog26SummerBlog27SummerBlog28SummerBlog29collageSummerBlog30SummerBlog32Well-spent day indeed. If you want to know more about Stilts Beach Resort, click here. I hope you like it. Take Care!




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