Corporate Days: Monochrome

At De La Salle University-Science and Technology Complex, college students are required to be in their corporate attires during Wednesdays. The rationale behind it is that it will train students to be ready for future job applications and career. Many students don’t like the idea of wearing corporate attires during Wednesdays not because they find it “baduy” but because there’s a dress code such as no wearing of jeans, length of the skirt and many more.

I honestly love wearing corporate attires in school. I always want my corporate attires to look interesting and not boring. Here’s the corporate attire that I wore yesterday:


Black Shirt from Beverly Hills. Necktie from Ermenegildo Zegna. Shoes from Chancellor. Hype it on

While I was prepping up, I looked at myself just wearing the black shirt and the gray slacks and I found it not so interesting so I added a red tie.  That’s my simple trick in pulling off my corporate attires.



The shoes that I wore was the shoes that my dad used during his wedding. I liked it very much because it fits me perfectly and it’s comfortable.



That’s all. I hope you like it. I’m looking forward to posting more of my corporate attires. Take Care!


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