Give Yourself a Treat

This is my official entry to “Share your BANGS T&J Story.”

Before I start narrating my entire experience in Bang’s T&J Alabang, let me tell you that I just finished my stressful final examination and having a haircut is one of my ways to treat myself.

TJ1I started to have my haircut done at T&J since I was in 3rd year High School until now. I wanted to have my haircut done a week before my final examinations but it was hard for me to find the time to have it because of many project deadlines and meetings with co-student leaders.

After all the final project deadlines, final examinations, meetings with co-student leaders and other school-related stuff, I finally found the time to give myself a treat at Bang’s Tony&Jackey Alabang and it was last December 21, 2012.

I asked for Ms. Scarlet, my stylist but she’s not in Alabang anymore so I just requested a new one. While I was waiting to be called, I scanned some magazines to find hair style inspirations and I found one. I showed it to my new stylist, Mr. Carl and he explained some of the things that he would do to my hair. At the middle of the process, he asked his assistant for “medicine” and I thought it was for the girl beside me because I didn’t tell to put any medicine on my hair but it was for me. The assistant told me that Mr.Carl asked for that medicine used in rebonding because the sides of my hair are not that straight so it was needed. I was a bit hesitant while Mr. Carl was applying it because it might cost me but luckily, the said treatment was given free. Below are the photos I took while waiting:

TJ2TJ4While taking my photos, I read their promo about sharing your Bang’s T&J Story and after reading the exciting prices, I immediately decided that I will join.

TJ3Few minutes later, the assistant told me that she will wash my hair already. She also blow dried my hair and Mr.Carl cut some parts again. I also requested to make it a bit thinner since my hair grows fast so he did and finally, he styled it.  It was my first time to have Mr.Carl to be my stylist but I am satisfied with his performance. Below are my photos with Mr.Carl with his calling card and other photos of my new hairstyle:



My piece of advice to all of you, find the time to give yourself a treat after stressful work. Make sure you consider fixing and taking care of your hair. Remember, it is man’s crowning glory. Trust Bang’s T&J Salon.

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I hope you like it guys. Wish me luck. Take Care!


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