Balance Your Life

Being a college student, a student leader and a blogger is not so easy but it’s fun. I’ve been so busy these past few days because my grandfather just died, I took my midterm exams and we had student council related events.

After taking my midterm exams, I received good results. Many people ask me, “how do I balance my time?” Since high school, I have been an active student and I think that’s the reason. In college, the pressure is higher but if you know how to balance your time, you will survive. One tip: Create your schedule in a very nice way. Make sure you still have time to rest.

So this is what I wore in one of our student council related events which is the College General Assembly:

Denim Polo from Sm Department Store. Khaki pants from Bench. Striped tank top from Bossini. Necklace from Oxygen. Hype it on

Shades from Oxygen.

Bracelets from Oxygen and 101 New York.

Below are the two posters I did for two of the student council related events that happened these past few days:

That’s all. I’ll be busy again for the next few weeks because I will be leaving for Ilocos Norte to visit my grandfather. Till next time. Take Care. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions.


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