Plaid and Gray

After almost a week of suspended classes due to Monsoon Rains, I’m finally back in school. Finals Week is near and we are about to pass a lot of final projects the following weeks. Aside from school works, I also have to attend Student Council and College Disciplinary Board (i’m the college representative for discipline) meetings. Even though I’m under a hectic schedule, I don’t forget to dress well. Here’s what I wore last Monday in school:


Plaid Shirt from Sahara. Jeans from Penshoppe. Bracelet from 101 New York. Boots from Marc Ecko (it’s a bit over-used now).

I decided to wear this outfit because of the cold weather. Even though the heavy rain almost ended, I still feel the cold breeze. Hype it on

What do you think about it? Feel free to drop by your comments and suggestions.

Note: Please do pray for the fast recovery of the Monsoon Rains victims of the Philippines. 

Take Care and God Bless.


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