Travel: Paete, Pakil and Lumban of Laguna Province

Last week, our ARTMUSC class together with FILIONE class had a fieldtrip in various places of Laguna such as Paete, Pakil and Lumban. I’ll divide this post into 3 parts: Lumban, Paete and Pakil. So here it goes:

Note: I’m sorry for failure of some shots because travel photography is not really my thing but I’m trying my best to improve.


Lumban was the first place we went to. We visited a church there named “St. Sebastian the Martyr Parish Church.” I was not able to listen carefully to the tour guide because I was panicking at that time. My kit lens had a problem but after around 20-30 minutes, my kit lens was already fine. Since my camera experienced a problem, I was not able to take many photos in the church but here are some of the photos:

Inside the church.

L-R, Francis, Nikki, Pat, Pj, Nikka, Junico, Mita, Nicole and Ayan.

L-R: Jumbell, Elisha, Lois, Pj, Nicole, Mita, Ate Ash, Nikka, Me, Phillips, Vina and Ayan


The next place we went to is Paete: The Wood Carving Capital of the Philippines. We visited St. James the Apostle Church . The church looks more traditional than the “St. Sebastian the Martyr Parish Church” in Lumban.  Here are the photos:

The Facade.

Inside the church.

We are so fortunate because we were able to meet Mr. Luis Ac-ac, a very known sculptor.

Francis asked me to take this photo for one of his classes.

Mr. Luis Ac-ac while doing his new creation.

Ms. Luis Ac-ac teaching some of the basics of wood carving.

Here are some of his creations from his studio:

Paete is not only known for wood carving but also in carving different materials such as ice, fruits and vegetables.

One of the ice sculptors making an angel.

Ate Ash with another ice sculptor doing an eagle.

Here are the final products of the ice sculptors:

L: Angel R: Eagle

Fruit and Vegetable Sculptures

Vina trying to make a flower out of a carrot.

I was able to bring this sculpture. Thanks to the generous fruits and vegetables scupltors.

Our photo with the sculptors.


The last place we went to is Pakil. We were able to discover the use of the “cayetana” wood for these artworks:

We also learned the process of doing these bags out of plastic straws:

The last part of our fieldtrip was the Water Tubing and I’m sorry to tell you guys but I was not able to take photos during that time because I left my camera in my bag becauseI don’t want my camera to get wet.

It was a fun-filled learning experience. I wish to go back there someday. I hope you like it. Take Care.


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