New Haircut

Last Sunday, I had my haircut at Tony and Jackey Festival Supermall Branch in Alabang. It took around 2 months before I had my haircut again because my schedule was filled with school-related works and activities so I am really thankful for that day because I was able to relax and have a new look.

My new haircut was suggested by my friend, Francis. He told me to look for Dolce and Gabanna haircut on Google Images and I saw the photo on the left and I decided to go for it. I also had other choices but the hairstylist at T&J also said that the photo on the left would fit me. After rinsing my hair, I asked the stylist if she could cut it thinner because my hair grows really fast but she told me that if she would make it thinner, it would not be the same with what I’ve shown to her so I decided not to make it thinner. She also suggested to perm my hair because it will be easier for me to fix it but I said no, maybe some other time.  As of now, I’m enjoying my new look.

Feel free to add your comments, suggestions and reactions. Take Care.


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