Manels Nation 3

I’m so grateful to be part of Manels Nation 3.  Manels Nation features a mix of the country’s best fashion bloggers and their most finely styled customers. I love their shoes  because of the comfort it gives and it’s so affordable. They also sell bags, wallets and belts.  Sometimes they offer a Buy One Take One promo which means you will just pay for the more expensive and you can get the other one for free.

I was featured in Manel’s Nation and I was shocked when I saw this tarpaulin in their Festival Mall branch. Find me.

I’m the one wearing a blue polo, khaki pants and Manels’ Black-and-White combination boat shoes. Below is a close-up of my look that was included:

Want to be part of Manels Nation? It’s so simple.

1. Like Manels page of Facebook:

2. Post your latest finds and best looks from Manels. It’s open for all.

3. Make sure one of your pieces is from Manels.

I’m hoping more fellow bloggers would support and be part of Manels Nation. Take Care.





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