Kapihan with Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC

As a promise, here’s my post about Kapihan with Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC. He is the president of DLSU-Science and Technology Complex (formerly, DLSC or De Lasalle Canlubang). Last year, a Kapihan was also held with Mr. Julius Maridable, our school’s chancellor. Well, Kapihan with Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC is an event wherein any student is given the chance to raise questions to be answered by Br. Ricky Laguda, FSC. Obviously, unlimited coffee and bread was also offered.  Most of the questions asked during the event were about the DLSU-DLSC Integration (it’s the reason why DLSC is now named as DLSU-Science and Technology Complex) such as if the tuition fee would increase, if some courses in DLSU-Manila will be transferred to DLSC and many related questions. Other questions were about Br.Ricky’s life such as how does it feel to be a brother, what are his hobbies, etc.

Kuya Nin and Nikka were the hosts of the event.

He’s Brother Ricky Laguda, FSC.

Some students enjoying their coffee and bread while listening.

Kuya Kevin, our Student Council president gave our simple gift of appreciation to Br. Ricky.

Right after the Kapihan event proper, we, the student leaders, had an exclusive talk with Br. Ricky about certain matters like our plans for our organizations this year and many more.

Student Leaders while listening to Br. Ricky.

We had lunch afterwards . Miss Jaymee, our College Student Affairs Director said that it’s also a celebration of our successful events 2 weeks ago (DLS-Unite, Centennial Closing, Animo Awards and DLSU-DLSC Integration).

More events soon. I hope you appreciate this post. Take Care.


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