DLSUnite: Integration Kick-Off Party

Last June 14, 2012, we had our 1st event as Student Council, the DLSUnite: Integration Kick-Off Party. It’s a sort of acquaintance party but we decided to make it as a kick-off party since the following Saturday would be the DLSU and DLSC integration. So let the photos tell you the story:

Kuya Nin and Ate Olive doing some decorations.

Part of our decoration.

Our Stage.

The ladies of Animo Teatro.

Our Oath Taking as the Student Council for A.Y 2012-2013

Sago and Agno performing a song number.

Some female Lasallian Ambassadors together with Ms. Jaymee.

Kuya Neo with Nico and Pj.

The Boys. L-R: Jolo, Aeysol, Kurt, Jj and Jason.

The Glee Club’s Intermission Number

Lucid Dance Troupe’s Dance Number


Lychee, Education and Training Commissioner.

L-R: Nicole, Mabby and Rox. Sayang wala si Ayan.

L-R: Nicole-Francis

Some players of Typhoons (DLSU-STC’s Frisbee team)

Say Hi to Rox. Hahaha

Then the dance floor:

Thank God, we were able to have this successful event. Looking forward for more successful projects with the Student Council.

Take Care.


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