Editorial: Yin Yang

Last November 2011 (Yes, sorry for the very late post), we had a photo shoot with Carlo Miguel Saavedra. It was right after our tour at Myth of the Human Body at Taguig. My co-model for this shoot was Justin Borja. He iss also a fashion enthusiast. Check out his blog by clicking here.  Our theme was Yin Yang: “Purity in chaos and desolation. Darkness in holiness.” Carlo said that he wanted to portray balance and harmony in the pictures. That’s why he  placed Yang in somewhere chaotic and desolate looking so that it’s “balanced” and Yang in a very holy and sanctified place; white on black and black on white. Here are the photos:

Photographer: Carlo Miguel Saavedra

Models: Ryel Medina and Justin Borja

Assistant: Francis Altez

Location: De La Salle Canlubang

My outfit pieces are all owned by Carlo and Justin.

On Justin: On Justin: White Blazer (Dansen), White Button Down (Thrift), Black Bow Tie (Thrift), White Denim Pants (Bench)

I’m looking forward to work with them again soon. I hope you like it. Take Care.


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