My Sister’s 12th Birthday

My one and only sister already turned 12 last January 20, 2011. I would like you to meet her. She’s Ryza Mei Medina, graduating elementary student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba.

My sister Ryza Mei Medina

During the day of her birthday, I attended my morning class which is NSTP 1. She’s also half day in school because of grades distribution. Mom asked me to just go directly to Alabang where they would fetch me there. Before going to Alabang, I went to Solenad 2 to have my cup of Hokkaido at Serenitea. I arrived at Alabang quarter to 2:00 pm and I had lunch. Unexpectedly, I met my cousin, Ate Cathy so we bonded for a couple of minutes while waiting for my parents to fetch me. Mom had some grocery then we headed out to Letran-Calamba to get my sister’s grades.

While Mom was talking to Ryza’s adviser, I visited some High School friends and teachers. We went to Nuvali afterwards to have a family dinner.

We agreed to have dinner in Crisostomo. It’s a restaurant serving yummy Filipino dishes.

Facade of Crisostomo in Nuvali. Photo by:

We ordered Pinoy Paella, Kare-Kare ng Kura,  Siniglaw na Tarsillo and Bam-i Guisado. While waiting for the food, there was a cup of peanuts given to us and I managed to buy a Mango Cheesecake at Conti’s.  I’m still on the process of mastering how to take good and inviting food photos.


Pinoy Paella

Kare-Kare ng Kura

Bam-I Guisado

Siniglaw na Tarsillo

Mango Cheesecake

We were so full but I and Ryza still bought coffee at Starbucks. Mom visited the bazaar and we all went home full of happiness. Hoping my sister would have more birthdays to come.


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