Classes Resume 2012

Almost all Filipino students are already back to school. De La Salle Canlubang resumed classes last January 4, 2011 and it’s the start of the 3rd Term.  I went to school last January 3, 2011 for a Visioning Workshop. I learned many things about the workshop such as how to cope with interpersonal problems in groups and being a leader. This is what I wore:

I got my plaids from Sahara in Robinsons, pants from Penshoppe , boots from Marc Ecko, studded bracelet from 101 New York and my bulb necklace from my cousin. He said that it’s from Greenhills. Hype it on

Another outfit that I wore this week for my NSTP class:

My top was originally over-sized but I fixed it to fit me. I got it from my Aunt. She told me that it was given by her boss many years ago from Hong Kong and that shirt was from Disneyland. My shorts is from Topman. Boat shoes from Manels and studded bracelet from 101 New York. Hype it on .

Obviously, I’m back to lookbook. Take Care everyone.



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