Hello 2012

Throughout the years, we always make it a point to celebrate New Year in our own home together with the whole family. This year, aside from our family, we invited my Tita with her children and some of our operators to celebrate New Year’s eve. I’ll show you some practices we do during New Year’s eve as well as some foods served.

1. Bountiful fruits on the table.

Some fruits on the photo: Banana, Pineapple, Kiat-kiat, Grapes and Papaya

2. Fireworks. Our New Year’s eve celebration would not be complete without fireworks. Thanks to Dragon Firewoks. By the way, we don’t buy firecrackers that could harm us such as “kwitis.”


3. Mom’s doing this every year which I guess is for prosperity.

4. Another tradition is the “paagaw ng barya” outside our house.

Some kids who participate in the "paagaw"

Some foods served:

Chicken Pastel

Pork Menudo

Sweet and Sour Fish

We also had Spaghetti and Buko Salad. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a photo of my outfit and forgive me for not putting many photos in this post because some photos are really bad. As of the present, my weakness in photography is taking photos during night time.

The 1st day of the year was Sunday and it was a church day. Our family went to Victory Alabang  and since there were no services in the morning, many people went to the afternoon services. We waited for the 4pm service. I learned a lot from what the pastor said especially the TIME. T stands for treasure, I for invest, M for maximize and E for enjoy. He also said that we are not just given a fresh new day but a fresh new year. I’m looking forward for 2012. I know our country encountered many disasters last 2011 but let us look at the brighter side and hope for a very productive and blessed 2012.


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