2011 Blessings

2012 is about to enter and I would just like to reminisce all the blessings I receive this 2011. A list below:

  • High School graduation
  • Entering college
  • Meeting new friends
  • Having some things that I want
  • Aiming some goals

High School graduation. It was said that Senior life is the most happiest year of High School and it’s already proven. I had some classmates that I only met during that year. Both positive and negative things happened but I don’t want to remember the bad things. So the good things were our section Fermat’s triumph on different contests, our bonding moments and most of all, our graduation. All of us were really nervous before the list of graduating students will be released and thank God, all of us were there. During the day of graduation, you would see me smiling all the time because I do believe that this is what I worked hard for the past 4 years. The guest speaker said that after High School, we start to be “nobody” again just like when we entered High School which means that when we enter college, we start as “nobody” and we should be “somebody.”

Entering college. I took exams on different universities in the Philippines but I chose De La Salle Canlubang. I remember when I was a little kid, I really wanted to be a doctor but then as time passes, I changed my mind, I wanted to be in the world of arts. I decided to take up AB Communication Major in Media Arts because I wonder what happens in media and how beautiful videos and photos are created.

Meeting new friends. There were only two of us who came from Letran-Calamba who entered De La Salle Canlubang and that girl was not even my classmate during High School. I do believe that it’s not hard for me to have new friends because I’m really a jolly and friendly person. It feels good when you already have friends in school because you feel that you belong (I remember what my genpysc professor thought us about the sense of belonging). I love all my friends and hopefully, our friendship would not last.

Having some things that I want. I am the kind of person who loves fashion and photography. I got to have some new clothes that I want, a Canon 600D which has a swivel screen (it’s a graduation gift), a new 50mm f/1.8 lens (17th birthday gift) and a new Nokia C3 phone.

Aiming some goals. Ever since High School, one of goals is to be a consistent honor student but unfortunately, my average did not reach the final set of honor students during our graduation. Luckily, during my 1st and 2nd term in college, I got high grades. Another goal that I got is I was able to enter the world of blogging and for some reasons, I think I became a better person.

I’m looking forward for 2012 and I believe that God  would always be there to guide me in living and making decisions. Next year, I will try to have better photos and more fashionable. I’m still aiming for good grades and more opportunies to come. In short, I’m looking forward for blessings this coming 2012.

Forget about the negative things happened, reminisce good things and welcome 2012 positively. God Bless everyone.


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