Birthday Lens

I am now 17 years old and I’m counting more blessed years to come.  I was born December 29, 1994 which means my birthday falls on Christmas Vacation. Basically, when I entered 15 or 16, we don’t organize parties already, we just go out and have a formal family dinner just like what we also did on my 17th birthday. Here’s what happened:

We went out early because my mother needs to accomplish some matters. While we were on our trip to Alabang, I heard Mom and Dad talking about what I requested for my birthday. We left mom at the bank and my aunt with her kids at Festival Mall. Dad and I had lunch and decided to leave our car in Alabang because he doesn’t want to bring it along Quiapo. Maybe you are wondering why we went to Quiapo. It’s because we will buy what I requested for my birthday and here it goes:

New camera lens.

I really want it ever since because of it’s wide aperture and photo quality. I’m inspired by some friends who also use it and I do admit that since I just recently used it, I’m still on the process of practicing.  I also requested a camera lens hood.

After buying my birthday gift request, Dad and I went back to Alabang to get our car. We followed other family members in Festival Mall because we’ll have dinner. We celebrated my birthday at Max’s restaurant, one of our family’s favorites. We ordered Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Spring Fried Chicken, Sizzling Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Sinigang Na Ulo At Tiyan Ng Salmon.

Spring Fried Chicken

Crispy Pata


L-R: Tita Josie, Me, Shena, Irish, Mama, Kikay, Papa and Ryza

My sister bought accesories from Accesorize and I also bought bracelets from 101 New York. A photo of what I bought below:

We all went to Starbucks and home sweet home. I enjoyed my 17th birthday with my family. I’m planning to have dinner or lunch with some friends when school resumes classes. I’m looking forward for New Year 2012.



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