Christmas Vacation in Ilocos Norte 2011

Christmas is said to be the most beautiful time of the year and it’s proven. We went to Ilocos Norte last December 23, 2011 and went home on December 27, 2011. It’s my parents’ province.

So here’s what happened during our vacation.

December 23, 2011- We travelled going to Ilocos Norte at approximately 5:00 in the afternoon and we arrived there at approximately 7:00 in the morning. It’s really a long trip  via private or public transportation unless you go there by plane.

December 24, 2011- We arrived at my mother’s residence. My grandparents prepared Native Chicken soup for breakfast. In Alabang and Laguna, we do not always see and taste Native Chickens unless our relatives from the province sends us . Let me show you a photo of the Native chicken:

In our province, you would also see big Papayas just like this one:

After eating, we took a rest because all of us are tired of the long trip.  In the afternoon, we went to my father’s residence where they gave us “Tupig” and “Bibingka.” I basically don’t know how they make it but what I just know is that they use rice in making those yummy foods.

Above: Tupig and Below: Bibingka

We went back to my mother’s residence and we slept early. People in our province sleep early even during Christmas Eve and they celebrate it on the actual date of Christmas.

December 25, 2011- Tito Bobot and Tita Belen decided to have their first daughter, Nicole, baptized on Christmas day. Below are photos during and after the event.

Afterwards, we all headed to my Father’s residence for the celebration of both baptism and Christmas. I was not able to take photos during that period because all of us were busy. In the late afternoon, we decided to eat some Empanada and buy ice cream at the Bayan. Empanada in Ilocos Norte is different from the usual “empanadas” we see. I don’t know how they also do it but it really tastes good. My parents even told me that they saw one shop selling those of the same “empanadas” near my school but eating in their own hometown is so different. Below is a photo of the empanada of Ilocos Norte.

We went back to my father’s residence, took a rest and slept there.

December 26, 2011- We went to Batac, Ilocos Norte to buy some “pasalubongs” and also some stuff that we will bring in Laguna. In the afternoon, we came back to my mother’s residence and bonded with some relatives.

December 27, 2011- This was our last day in Ilocos Norte. We made the day productive by bonding with each other. We took a rest because we scheduled our trip going back to Laguna during the night and honestly speaking, it’s a hard time for me sleeping while on a trip. Some relatives gave their “padalas” before we left Ilocos Norte.

December 28, 2011- We arrived in Laguna at approximately 5:00 in the morning. I headed directly to my bedroom and slept for some hours. I feel refreshed for some hours.


  • When you plan to visit Ilocos Norte during Christmas, please do bring a jacket or a sweater because the weather is so cold and I just brought one thin cardigan with me.
  • Have plenty of sleep before travelling, it would make you feel better. Well, it works for me.

The hospitable and kind people, the food and fresh air in Ilocos Norte made my Christmas. We are planning to go back to Ilocos Norte on Summer 2012 but we’re unsure of it because of our schedules.


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