Junico’s 16th Birthday Party

This is Junico Potestad. We’re both freshmen at DLSC taking up AB Communication Arts. She’s a big fan of Korea’s boy band SS501. Most of all, she’s a very good company.

Photography and editing by Mita Pangan.

Junico celebrated her 16th birthday last December 9, 2011 at Gee Gee KTV and Bar at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. The original birthday of this young lady is December 6, 2011 but she decided to celebrate it on a Friday. We stayed up in school in the morning. Mabby, PJ and Nicole decided to come with Patricia to their home before going to Paseo de Sta. Rosa. I, Ikaa, Mita, Nikka and Junico headed out to Kenny Rogers to have lunch. While waiting for our orders, Ikaa drew this stuff on a paper and the girls asked me to take a photo of them with it.




Ikaa just ordered muffins and the rest of us ordered Roast Chicken with different choices of side dishes. While we were eating, Andre and Regie followed . There was one part of chicken left and Andre ate it.

After we had lunch, we headed to Starbucks and my friends played Monopoly Deal. Ikaa also hairstyled Junico, Rox and Mita.


Back view of Rox' hairstyle by Ikaa.

Minnie Nikka

The Birthday girl Junico

Junico told us that the event place will allow us to enter already in a few minutes so we decided to walk towards the place.  While we were waiting outside the venue, some invited friends also arrived.

From left-right: Mita, Nicole, Rox and PJ

We entered the venue and my eyes popped out with these foods:

Chips, Fries, Cheese sticks and many more.

Below are photos during the party:

Left to Right: Roana, Ikaa, Mita, Ayan, Nicole and Junico

Left to Right: Pj, Rox and me.

Lefto to Right: Junico, PJ and PatriciaPj and Rox singing

After 2 hours and a half, we were asked to leave the place. We headed out to Starbucks again because they’re having their cheer parties. I’m glad that I saw my High School classmate/close friend, Tricia.

From left to right: Jacklyn, Pat, Nikka, Me, Regie, Ikaa, Junico, Mita, Patricia, Lois, Jumbell and Pj.

Left to Right: Mabby, Rox, Ikaa, Junico, Me, Pj, Mita and Nikka

I asked Rox to take a photo of my outfit but unfortunately, I wasn’t aware that I deleted them but what I wore is a blue polo, cream graphic shirt, pants and boots. I’ll wear it again next time and be sure to have an outfit photo.

God Bless!


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