Ate Erica’s 18th Birthday

Last October 15,2011 at Oasis Ballroom, Splash Mountain Resorts and Hotels, Laguna, Ate Erica, one of my service mates during High School, celebrated her 18th Birthday/Debut. I have to admit, this is the first debut I attended and hopefully not the last. So this was what happened:

I, Roma, and Mejay went to the party and Dad drived us there. Upon entering the place, it was filled with violet ballons and a very big name of the debutant. All the tables have figurine pigs and we seated at Table #4.

The Event Place

The front stage.

This is located beside the entrace door.

This is the figurine pig per table.

While waiting for the program to start, the emcee gave some trivias about Ate Erica and a video about the life of Ate Erica was shown afterwards. Kuya Chammy, a classmate of Ate Erica in CEU sang upon her entrance. The emcee started to give trivias again after the said song number and entrance.

The emcee while giving trivias.

Kuya Chammy while singing.

The debutant with the singer.

The food was served in a buffet. There were variety of foods. My favorites were: Cordon Bleu, Mashed Potato, Spaghetti, and there was this beef recipe I can’t remember. The dessert was yummy. There is a chocolate fountain where we could dip different fruits and marshmallows.

The food I ate.

The Chocolate Fountain on the side.

Dinner has ended and the photobooth was officially opened. Here are some photos I had from it:

A photo from the photobooth.

All the guests were called because the 18 stars and 18 cupcakess will start already. 18 stars were the first on the list. The father of Ate Erica, Kuya Raul was the last to dance with her and he gave her daughter a bouquet of little pig stuff toys. Next on the line is the 18 cupcakes, Eloisa, the debutant’s sister was the last to give her cupcake and she was teary-eyed then.

Kuya Raul while dancing with Ate Erica.

Eloisa, Ate Erica's only sister.

Eloisa while giving her cupcake.

Ate Erica’s relatives had a song number for her and I really appreciate it. The 18 gifts followed afterwards. The celebrant’s mom was the last to give the gift and she gave a basket full of stuffed pig toys.

The relatives while performing Rolling in the Deep.

The members included in the 18 gifts.

All the 18 stuffs ended and it was time for the blowing of the candle in the cake. The cake was so cute. All of us were given bubble bottles that we used while singing Happy Birthday.

The Bubble Bottle.

The guests while singing Happy Birthday.

Ate Erica while blowing the candle of her cute cake.

The event was almost done so we took the opportunity to take photos with each other because we don’t see everyone everyday. The people below are my former service mates. Ate Ayra ¬†studies BS Accountancy in Letran-Calamba. I already received her invitation for her debut. I hope I can come. Roma, a high school graduating student at Letran-Calamba. Ate Kate studies BS Architecture at the National University.

This is Ate Ayra.

This is Roma.

This is Ate Kate.

For the finale, Ate Erica gave her speech and she had a dance number with one of his Titos. Her mother gave us give aways.

Ate Erica while delivering her speech.

Ate Erica's dance number.

The give away.

The party ended with smiles on our faces. Roma, Mejay and I waited for my Dad outside the event place.

God Bless!


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