Parmenie Meets Program ( Communication Arts Frosh Recollection)

Being a La Sallian, requires us to be a person of Faith, Service and Communion. Since I was Elementary and High School, exception to Grade 6 and 4th Year High School, I studied at private sectarian schools which requires a recollection. Every year, we have a different theme and this Parmenie Meets Program was new to me. I haven’t heard of it until I entered La Salle.

As explained by Mr. Mel Oribe, Parmenie is a very small place in France wherein St. La Salle had his recollection. This what was happened in our outreach program and recollection last October 9-10, 2011.

First of all, we went to Sta.Rosa for an outreach program. Sir Mel told us that we will be the facilitators and we need to make the underage criminals and abandoned kids enjoy the program. It started with a prayer then “Bahay, Bagyo, Baboy” game. It’s a game wherein when the host says Bahay, the human “bahays” will move to find a new “baboy” which is another person and vice versa but when the host demands a “bagyo”, everyone will move.

A photo of them playing.

Right after the said game, we all gave them chocolates as prizes courtesy of Ana Tolod. We formed a circle, to give some introductions of ourselves like what our hobbies.

A photo of what I've stated above.

Patricia and I were wondering about why were the kids and teens are there and we want to know about it. We want them to tell their stories but we’re thinking of what could they feel when we do so. We asked the permission of Sir Mel and he allowed us. We started asking each of them. Some stories are really touching and inspiring.

A photo of Patricia.

It was lunch time then. Thanks to our sponsor, Mang Inasal. It’s affordable and you’l get more than what you paid for. Afterwards, we gave them our giveaways and had picture taking.

Patricia with Denver on the left and Dodong on the right.

Pj with the 3 girls who wants him to stay there.

The lovely girls

We left them with a big smile and went to Tagaytay City for our Recollection at Spinelli House of Prayer. Tagaytay has always been a place wherein retreats and recollections happen because of its peaceful and eco-friendly environment.

During our arrival, we were asked to go to the conference room for announcement of some house rules. The outreach program was really fun but tiring so we were given time to take a rest. During the given time, I and some friends took the opportunity to take photos but we were not complete because some girls are sleeping.

This is PJ

This is Patricia.

This is Jaycee.

This is Ian.

This is Nikee, often called as Marian Rivera look-alike.

Left to Right: Elisha, Ana and Pauleen

Left to Right: Ian, Jaycee, PJ, Ryel, Ana and Pauleen

It was 3:30 pm and we ate our snacks. They prepared Pancit Bihon, Breads and Juice for us. The bell rang already after we eat which means it’s the start of our first session. Upon our registration, they have us an envelope and a name tag.

An envelope which contains materials we would use and nametag.

We started with a prayer and lecture about what we did in the outreach and we were given an activity about what we actions can we do for them via words and illustrations.  Here is our output:

We had dinner after the said activity. They served Adobong  Baboy as far as I remember. We were given some time to take a rest. For the second time, we had a lecture about being of service to others. We also had an activity which required us to write a prayer using our nickname initals. With a candle, we prayed our written prayers then gave candles to people we want to say sorry, thank you and other personal things. The lecture ended and it was sleeping time.

All of us did not sleep early. We are only 4 in our room but the shower rooms are only 3 so Pj, Ian and Jaycee took a bath first. We planned going to the girls’ room to visit them. Lyka, Pat and Chie went to our room also. We settled on our room to talk with each other and have fun. While we were chit-chatting, Sir Mel entered our room and she asked the girls to go out but we all went upstairs to drink coffee. I, Pj, Jaycee, and Ian were left in the room. Ian slept early. The three of us were still awake so we talked about a lot of things until we slept.

The next morning, breakfast was served. Fried Egg and Hotdogs with rice. There is an orphanage in the recollection place so after eating, we went there. There are three babies who were still sleeping when we arrived. There were kids who wants to play games from our cellphones and want to have our accessories. Ian gave his bonnet. There was a kid who wants me to carry her so I did but when I left her, she cried so I gave her to her ate.

A photo of pat and PJ while eating breakfast.

A photo of our breakfast meal.

We had a short session which required us an activity. We made a letter symbolizing the La Sallian Core Values, Faith, Service and Communion. We would give each letter to the person we think possesses the said value. Afterwards, we had confession and a mass . We packed all our things and went home safe. I stopped by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa because I waited for my parents to fetch me there. While waiting, I went to Starbucks to have Green Tea Frappe and Honey-glazed doughnut. My parents arrived and wanted to go around Paseo de Sta.Rosa so I agreed and we had dinner at King Bee Chinese Cuisine.

A photo of the letters I made.

A photo of what I had at Starbucks.

That’s all. I hope you enjoyed reading my entry. God Bless!


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