After Suspension of Classes

Last Tuesday our classes were suspended because of “Bagyong Pedring” which gave many of us a day to rest. As far as I remember, it was afternoon when I received many texts and tweets about “brownout.” Our village was affected during the evening. Our family was in the middle of watching television then “BOOM, BROWNOUT.” Since we don’t have an emergency light and a generator, we used candles. I know that many people were affected already by the typhoon so I thought of having this graphic:

Good thing that the “brownout” in our village was gone after an an hour. Before sleeping, I checked some announcements online if our school have classes tomorrow and yes we have a class exception for Integrated School. Aside from that, I also chatted with Bench to invite him for a photo shoot the following day for a new look on, not a formal shoot.

The next day, my first class starts at 9:40 am and ends at 11:10 am. We had the entire photo-shoot at 11:20 am to 12:00 pm, approximately. I thought Bench and I were the only people to have a new look but also Princess.

Left: PJ. Right: Jasmin

Next one is Bench Manalon’s outfit. He is the one who took of my photo. One thing I love about his look is his accesories. He tucked his over-sized v-neck striped tee.

Hype this look on

I also took photo of Princess for a new look. I like this girl’s fashion sense. She’s very cute and a big fan of Tricia Gosingtian. Sometimes, here outfits are inspired by Tricia. She wore a polka dotted blouse, jeans and wedge. Here is the photo:

During our photo shoots, there were classmates who asked me to take photos of them too. Here are Sairah, Rhoxanne and Lychee.


Sairah doing a very cute pose.

Rhoxanne doing the fierce look.

Rhoxanne wearing Bench's hat.

I like Lychee's pose in this photo.


Im planning an individual photo shoots of each persons in the photo (Bench, Lychee, Princess and Rhoxanne). I hope it would succesfully happen.

Keep updated on my blog and God Bless!


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