We Love Snacks

Hello Everyone!

Food is always a need in every home. Honestly speaking, I love eating especially snacks.

Mom and one of her closest friends always go to the mall and grocery shop to buy things, foods and bond together. Last week, I was not informed that they will go to S&R because it was sale. When I arrived home, there were lots of snacks and some kitchen utensils. Here are some of the snacks mom bought:

Left-Right : TGIF Potato Skins, Pretzel Crisps, Waffle Sticks, and Combos

TGIF also serves Potato Skins but I haven’t tasted it yet.  Pretzel Crisps which I can say it’s kinda good for me although it lacks something which I cannot distinguish. Royal Dansk Luxury Wafers which is one of my favorites is really yummy and you’ll enjoy it for sure. I haven’t opened Combos yet but I think it tastes good because it is made with real cheese.

I’m hoping to completely finish eating them soon together with my family and friends but sometimes I’m already happy seeing foods as it is just like that photo, isn’t it so inspiring?

God Bless!


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