Steph’s 17th Birthday

Last Tuesday was Steph’s 17th Birthday so she treated us lunch. We attended our Math class before eating lunch. My friends asked me to take photos of them before going to Math Class so here are the photos:

Left to Right- Bench, Sairah, Camille,and Steph.

Bench and Tim

Sairah and Tim

Tim seems to lose weight.

Sairah, one of the funniest friends I have.

The Birthday Girl, Steph.

So after that, I went to our Math class. I’m waiting for Francois to arrived for he is my seatmate. We had a short quiz and it’s quite easy. We were already hungry, good thing we were dismissed on time so we headed up to Paseo de Sta.Rosa wherein Steph will treat us.

Steph went to the bank to withdraw money. So we went to Shakey’s, Steph ordered this foods, I missed Shakey’s especially their Mojos.

Garlic Bread

Chicks and Mojos


Pepperoni Pizza

We planned to go play in the mini arcade inside Shakey’s. We played basketball and it was really fun. Steph was listed on the top shooters. Before going back to the school for our 4pm classes, Steph asked me to take a photo of here with this because she missed being a kid.

Steph misses being a kid.

Good thing we were not late when we arrived at school. This day was full of happiness.

Look for the day:

This look was taken by Francis Altez but I post-processed it. I wore a tank top from Bench, Jacket from Bossini, Shorts from Topman and Necklace from Solo.

Hope you like my entry. God Bless!


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